Monday, November 16, 2015

All Things Fall

I have always loved all things fall since I was a kid. As soon as a crispness begins to build in the air and the leaves fall from trees and dance about through the wind, I get excited. Since having children, the season has become even more special. We look forward to visiting pumpkin patches and combing through ideas for Halloween costumes. I am not sure if I get more excited than my ever-so-anxious four year old, who began talking about her costume in August this year. The thought of spending time with family over Thanksgiving and spending hours decorating the tree sends me over the edge.

But last fall took on an entire new meaning when our precious Brayleigh was born. Her birth was a blessing, yet because of her struggle to survive, I fell deep into an abyss. The air was crisp, and the rustling leaves became my husband and I, shuffling to and from home to the intensive care unit. With the uncertainty each day, it felt like nothing else was more important than being by Brayleigh's side. Picking pumpkins would just not happen that year, and brainstorming about costumes meant going through the dress up clothes already hanging in the closet.

She eventually came out stronger, and a year later, I am thankful more than ever that she can get to be a part of our family's fall tradition.

Here we are at the pumpkin patch festival in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Here are just a few photos from Halloween.  She went from a cat dress, to Wonder Girl and then a spider.  I was her spider web that she tightly clung on to.


  1. I'm so happy for you all that she's thrived. NEVER give up hope. I have a sister who was also born October 8. She was in a coma for the first three months of her life. The doctors said she would be a vegetable and wouldn't be able to eat, walk or talk. Here we are 35 years later and she will certainly tell you how the cow ate the cabbage. Her doctors wanted to unplug her and let her die. NEVER listen to them they don't always know. Go with your heart and forget everyone else. My sister who was born October 8, 1980 is still going strong. She was born with a very rare genetic disorder and is the oldest living in the US with her illness. They are here by the grace of God. God Bless you and your family!

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