Saturday, November 29, 2014

Seize the Moment

Exodus Photography - Newborn Session

In the spirit of giving thanks this holiday weekend, I am truly grateful to see this day.  Miss B. had a professional photo shoot today, while at the same time, we were finally able to get photos of our new family.

We booked our photographer months ago -- for a maternity photo shoot and for subsequent photo shoots including a newborn session. Honestly, I was hesitant to even do a maternity shoot, not knowing what types of feelings it would later evoke in the event that our baby girl would succumb to her illness soon after birth. Listening to what the doctors had to say about the potential for Brayleigh's very shortened life span (measured in weeks, days and even minutes), I was even more reluctant at the time to pay for future pictures of our baby girl especially without knowing the full condition of her health. With my unwavering faith, though, I took the leap and decided to pay in advance for a newborn photo shoot months before she was born.

So this day is particularly special.  At nearly eight weeks old, Brayleigh demonstrated that she is a real trooper (no surprise there) and ham (like big sis) in front of the camera.  She endured three and a half hours of posing, prop and wardrobe changes, and non stop cameras in her face.  We removed the feeding tube, she had no additional oxygen and was allowed to just be free.  In a completely natural state, Brayleigh was simply gorgeous and angelic from head to toe. She stayed awake the entire time taking it all in, while I couldn't help but seize the moment. I pray long and hard that this day could last forever especially since Brayleigh's future is medically uncertain.

Despite any inkling of doubt, nonetheless, I truly feel like this day would not have been possible without the constant prayers of family and friends and believing that God has this situation in His control.   No one knows what tomorrow holds, but I am living for today...and today, Miss B. was an absolute superstar!

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  1. I too am absolutely thankful for Brayleigh's life. She is amazing in more ways than one. She is God's gift...or should I say "present," to the family, so we must live in the present and enjoy each day with her, as well as with one another. "Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!" ~ 2 Corinthians 9:15
    Love you! Auntie Angela